Monday, March 31, 2014

Microsoft Hotmail Scandal? Google's Gmail Team Should Pay Attention!

Microsoft's Hotmail Scandal story (read Saturday's Register story here) ignores the basic fact that no responsible/credible person would ever use the Hotmail service. Only two audiences comprise 100% of the Hotmail userbase:
  1. Phishers, crooks, and scammers use Hotmail accounts to lie, cheat and steal their way to propserity.
  2. Morons and imbeciles who don't know any better use Hotmail.
Given the Hotmail audience, who the heck cares what the Microsoft license agreement says. Ditto for Yahoo, whose appalling lack of security earns them so much bad Karma that they rank lower on the list of good-fortune beneficiaries than Vladimir Putin (do a search to the left for "Yahoo" and see some of my Yahoo indictments). 

Fair warning:  Google needs to pay attention, as I am getting more and smarter phishing/scam attempts from Gmail addresses in just the last month. Something as simple as a forward site at Google where we can pass on suspicious accounts? You could use Google analytics to quantify bad cyber citizens and delete their accounts.

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