Monday, March 10, 2014

Should Russia Have Used "Snake" Cyberespionage in Ukraine Conflict?

Yesterday's New York Times story on Russia's cyberwar against Ukraine government assets (read it here) details the British-based defense and security company (BAE) report on 'Snake' cyberattacks. My opinion is that Russia's ability to take "full remote access to the compromised system"  should have been kept under wraps, unless of course the major cyberweapon governments of the world already knew about it. Whatever their reason for using this technology against Ukraine, "full remote access" represents current state of the art in the cyberwar landscape. Not particularly stealthy, since BAE sniffed them out, but nevertheless an indication of the current cyberwar advances.

Given that the BAE attribution of Snake as "a game-changer for security industry" (access the BAE report here), I rather suspect The Powers That Be in the U.S., the U.K, and in Israel may have been taken aback by the new sophistication revealed by Snake. I therefore opine that Russia may have prematurely played these cards face up in the cyberweapons casino.

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