Saturday, March 29, 2014

DOD's Hagel: "We come in peace. Take this to your leader."

Yesterday's New York Times (see the full story here) reports some remarkable 1984-like doublespeak from Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Net-net: "The U.S. does not seek to militarize cyberspace, but we're going to triple our staff just in case."  Based on this and other data exhaust I will list below, it seemed prudent to make sure my tux fit. Because 2014 is going to be some kind of party.
Other data exhaust that predicts a truly gala 2014:
  1. 92% of all ATMs use Windows XP. Crooks can now infect ATMs and then send SMS messages to embedded cell phones to get said ATMs to spew cash (see Wednesday's Register story here). By the way, the ATM exploit has been credited to "Mexican cybercooks." The Symantec video showing how to do the exploit even used a Latino spokesperson. Give me a break! This is most certainly a Russia-inspired false flag operation.
  2. China is embarrassed and out for revenge after reports (see Thursday's Computerworld story here) that the NSA has been installing back doors in Huawei's hardware (see Saturday's New York Times story about the NSA exploit here).
  3. And once again, Time Magazine's runner-up Person of the Year, Edward Snowden, released documents showing that Microsoft sold your personal information to the the feds and cops for $50 a person (see the Saturday Register story here). The source was allegedly "Syrian" hactivists, clearly a false flag operation of either Russia or China (take your pick, although my vote leans toward Russia).
  4. As I reported on March 10th, Russia is so intent on proving that they're more than just a regional power that they played their "Snake" virus card in Ukraine (see my story here).

 So make sure your tux fits. You wouldn't want to miss the party.

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