Thursday, May 1, 2014

In 2010, I Predicted Ellison Would Own An NBA Championship Team

Today's Wall Street Journal story (Page B1, below the fold, read yesterday's online WSJ piece here) talked about Oprah Winfrey, David Geffen and Captain of my Cyber Privateer Fantasy League team Larry Ellison putting together a bid to buy the LA Clippers. If the deal goes through, I make another prediction: The Clippers will win the NBA championship within 5 years. Back in October of 2010 I put Ellison into some historical context (read my complete piece here):
Larry is the real-life version of Iron Man Tony Stark. Ellison won the great database wars. This year, he won the America's Cup yacht race. I predict its only a matter of time before he owns an NBA basketball team and leads them to the championship. And one of the greatest moments in any U.S. confirmation hearing would be watching Larry do a Tony Stark in the Senate: "Ladies and gentlemen, I have successfully privatized international cyber security!" Whereupon he will raise his hands in victory and waltz out of the hearing room.
Naturally, Larry wanted to own the Golden State Warriors because they were near his stomping grounds. But his purchase of the Clippers and their LA location is consistent with yet another of my predictions of nearly a year later in October of 2011 (see it here):
So what do my predictive analytics forecast for the head of my Cyber Privateering Fantasy League leader? First, I believe Larry will eventually own an NBA-championship basketball team. Secondly, I predict that Larry will win an academy award as a movie producer. 
In a way, through his children David (executive producer of Ironman II) and Megan (producer of not one but two films nominated for Best Picture this year—Her and American Hustle), Larry has vicariously started his Oscar run. But let there be no doubt that he's in the race to personally take the stage on Oscar night sometime in the next 10 years. Larry plays to win. Whether in the great database wars, the America's Cup yacht race, the NBA, or as I predict, in the movie business. 

This message is brought to you by a mere bystander and part-time follower of a remarkable human specimen named Lawrence J. Ellison. To you doubters of my prediction, I can only say, "What other kind of legacy would you expect of Steve Jobs' best friend?"

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