Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Data Exhaust: Predicting Midterm Election Shenanigans

Here it is, seven or so weeks before the midterm elections, and I was curious what the "twitterverse" shows. Based upon the organization and vitriol of almost every social media pundit besides Sentator Ted Cruz, it would appear that the Democrats are winning the battle of whipping their base into a frenzy to keep the Senate. My prediction, this far out, just looking at the numbers, indicates the Senate will probably be close to a 50-50 split. I figured I'd put this in writing now, and live with the consequences, come what may. Here's my map of the twitterverse:
Certainly, something might happen in the next few weeks to dramatically sway voters one way or the other. Call it gamesmanship, media bias, guerrilla warfare by either the DEMS or the REPS, you name it. But given the element of sheer desperation from the DEMS, I predict some serious pre-election shenanigans. Question is, will they backfire?

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