Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Should Home Depot Contract With Israeli Intelligence?

The real security guru, Brian Krebs, broke the story of Home Depot's being hacked in a bigger heist of credit card info than Target (read the story here). Given the abysmal failure of the FBI, Homeland Security, and those whacky guys at the NSA (who sit on zero-day information for their own use, rather than behave properly and alert software manufacturers), Home Depot may want to send an emissary hat-in-hand to visit Mossad headquarters and contract some serious anti-piracy offensive measures. Per my last posting about Israel being our last great hope for solving cyber misbehavior (see the story here), I don't see that Home Depot has another choice. Well, they don't have a choice as long as U.S. cybercrime law has us playing the game with both hands tied behind our backs. Go Israel!

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