Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hillary Clinton Email Server Hacked, Guaranteed!

Okay, suppose you are Russia or China. You're aware that the U.S. Secretary of State is actually dumb enough to host her own email server. Even if you're a third-world country without the infrastructure to create serious cyber attacks yourself, a few thousand dollars in Bitcoins to Hackers-R-US will get you zero day exploits to crack just about any individual server. Either way, you're going to OWN that server before the next national holiday (pick your country, pick your holiday). Several options present themselves:
  1. Hope Hillary runs for POTUS so you can push your agenda, holding "sensitive personal stuff" over her head?
  2. Monetize your email haul right away by selling them to the Clinton campaign.
  3. Monetize your email haul by going for the much deeper pockets of  the GOP.
  4. Do a Snowden and make yourself famous when the time comes.
Have I missed anything? Needless to say, the late-night comics are about to get a treasure trove.

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