Friday, June 5, 2015

Data Exhaust: The Beltway Bandits Want Cybersecurity Dollars NOW!

The N.S.A. Cyberwar Center in Bluffdale, UTAH
(I ride my bike by this facility every week)

The combination of Wikileaks stories (see yesterday's U.K. Register story here)—plus the massive coverage of China's third breach in the last year of current and former government employees (see New York Times story here) plus N.S.A.'s secretly hunting for hackers (see the New York Times story here)—are a drum beat of unmistakable lobbying for more cybersecurity dollars which will be flushed down the federal toilets. Big, centralized efforts don't stand a chance of succes, and that's not their real purpose. Their real purpose is to grease the palms of the Beltway Bandits, keeping the wheels of the military industrial complex well oiled. Licensed/bonded cyberprivateers are a solution that would work, albeit one that would cut out the Washington Fat Cats. Proof?

My old friend Mark Leslie coined what he calls Leslie's Law: When Small Meets Large, Small (Almost) Always Wins (see his article here).

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