Thursday, June 11, 2015

Saving the World All in a Day's Work for MOSSAD

Once again, proof that the MOSSAD is saving the world from a jihadist Armageddon. They installed their super-virus software in hotels that hosted the Iranian nuclear talks (see today's WSJ front-page/above-the-fold story here). How good is the Israeli virus toolkit? Hey, they penetrated super-sleuth virus gurus Kaspersky Lab ZAO with an improved version of Duqu. Yep, I'll say it's improved.

One continuing request to my Israeli spookshop readers: How about you let us in on all the emails you recovered from Hillary Clinton's home server? I mean COME ON GUYS! Even the Russians hacked the White House email servers. Surely you can serve up some juicy tidbits from a much less well protected system in the Secretary of State's home.

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  1. Maybe it is too late Mr. Bennet

    Druze massacres have begun

    The latest religious minority to be caught in the Syrian crossfire are the Druze, who have long enjoyed the protection of the Assad regime, but now find themselves under attack from the Al Qaeda-linked Al Nusra Front and could soon look to Israel for help (half a million Druze on the Mount of Druze which is very close to the Israeli border).

    Al Nusra continues to gain ground in the north, and set alarms off among Syria’s large Druze community living in the south of the country. They fear being left on their own to face ISIS and other jihadi militias in the Golan Heights that border Israel, a country that itself has more than 130,000 Druze residents, many of whom have family members across the border.

    Israel, whose Druze community is generally well-regarded (they are the only non-Jewish minority that is drafted into the military, and have an even higher percentage in the combat units and as officers than the Jewish members themselves) has so far stayed out of the Syrian war. But recent events have prompted speculation that Israel could move to aid Syria's Druze population considering the faith's status in the Jewish State.

    Druze tradition encourages loyalty to whichever state offers them residency and allows them freedom to practice their religion, a religion that originally stemmed from Islam but which is seen as heresy by radical Islamists. Any intervention by Israel, either by sending arms to Syria’s Druze to defend themselves or by opening the border to grant then sanctuary, could draw Israel into the ever-widening regional crisis.

    In every way things go wrong in the Middle East.
    Anytime Saudi Arabia and Israel can bomb Iran, despite Obama's opinion.

    I expect a war in the Strait of Hormuz and an alliance between Iran and Isis (although it might sound unnatural).



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