Wednesday, April 1, 2020

How I turned $2 million into almost $418 million

How does a guerrilla warfare ad man keep his eyes on what is current in the culture? My own trick is to play the Hollywood Stock Exchange. The account is free, and when you sign up they give you $2 million in fake "Hollywood Dollars" to bet on how movies will do. As of today, my $2 million original seed money has turned into $417,998.09.

I tend to bet on how things will do on their opening weekends, with an occasional "long shot" on a movie that I think is a sleeper. Like the John Wick franchise. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown me off a little, since it has absolutely killed theatre attendance.

Nevertheless, to those of you guerrilla warriors who want to keep your fingers on the social pulse of America, I highly recommend the Hollywood Stock Exchange.

#hsx #guerrillawarfare

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