Saturday, April 22, 2023


 Well HELL! For the past few years I've been playing with a personal AI assistant for situational awareness. It would scan all the social media accounts I have for pending risks to me and my family. The reason I felt there was a business for an AI assistant located on desktops and phones is that the social networks can't shut you down. If a cloud service were to offer situational awareness, the Metas/Twitter/Google/TikToks of the world would easily shut them down. So many queries from one or two cloud URLs could be easily shut off. But such queries coming from individual accounts would slip by. Cool, eh? I thought so.

I've been playing with GPT's ChatAI to compare with my own überGenius program and got a rude awakening. Conclusion: I can kiss my dreams of being a multi-billionaire goodbye!

Suppose, for example that I wanted to see what infectious diseases are coming my way. I'd have my AI simply look at Web queries about infectious diseases state by state, and see what little bugs are riding in on the California jet stream or via airplane from the East Coast population centers. Here's the rude awakening supplied by ChatAI:

And here's the SITUATIONAL AWARENESS map I got from just the last day's queries on "Infectious Diseases" around me:

Woah, Hoss! The shit is hitting fan not in California or New York, but in the state just above me: Wyoming! What the hell is happening in Wyoming? Looks like it's already spreading to Montana and Utah (you can download the CSV file for each state and see the numbers).

Sorry, I've gotta' go now and call some of my buddies in Wyoming. Hey guys, WTH is going on in my home state?

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