Friday, June 2, 2023

A "Vulcan Mind Meld" of Larry Ellison's Idea of AI Ethics


I'm suddenly seeing LinkedIn posts on "Artificial Intelligence Ethics." I looked at the DOD's "ETHICVAL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE" framework. My net-net: What a bunch of unadulyterated crap!

Okay, I'm being presumptuous here (Larry, forgive me if I misstate your view), but back in the mid-1980s my #2 son and I put a for-sale-by-owner sign on the Informix HQ building. Larry then used the slide in Hawaii at the Oracle Million Dollar Club sales meeting. I am paraphrasing that talk to project my own attitude toward AI ethics. The next time I chat with Larry, I'll ask him if this is his view also:

AI Ethics in Regard to Scammers & Crooks

I want my AI's attack on scammers and crooks to make the monsters in the first Alien movie look like mildly incontintent house pets. My AI will take away everything they own. It will put them out of business and bulldoze their homes. Then it'll salt the earth. Finally, it'll go after their families. How's that for AI ethics?

We all get multiple emails every day saying our passwords are expired and our accounts are about to be closed. Or some hacker has taken over our system, captured pictures of us amusing ourselves watching porn, and demands $2,000 sent to a Bitcoin wallet. Phone calls from "Microsoft support" by an ESL (from India) saying they've discovered a virus on our computer and they want to help us fix it. Etcetera. 

I can't think of a more ethical use of AI than to "end life on Earth as they know it" for these guys. To hell with RESPONSIBLE, EQUITABLE, TRACEABLE, GOVERNABLE. Okay, I can agree to RELIABLE.


The Destroying Angel

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