Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More from Richard Clarke on Cyber War and China

Yes, I'm smarting after looking today at my Linux server's error logs and the attacks from IP addresses in China. I only use the server in my "state of play" and, honest to gosh, there's nothing on it I wouldn't give to anyone who asked for it. Just a couple of experimental marketing technologies and some Web landing pages that allow me to experiment with Flash and HTML 5, etc. But if China has the infrastructure to pay such close attention to me and my $450 eMachines dinosaur, then "Katie bar the door, because something wicked this way comes." In his Cyber War book quoted in yesterday's post, Mr. Clarke states:

Since the late 1990s, China has systematically done all the things a nation would do if it contemplated having an offensive cyber war capability and also thought that it might itself be targeted by cyber war; it has
created citizen hacker groups
engaged in extensive cyber espionage, including of U.S. computer software and hardware
taken several steps to defend its own cyberspace,
extablished cyber war military units, and
laced U.S. infrastructure with logic bombs.

 So the question I ask is, "Why the heck can't we defend ourselves?"

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