Saturday, October 23, 2010

The ultimate cyber privateer

I've been attacking McAfee's, Symantec's, Altiris's, LANDesk's and Microsoft's vision of cyber security since 2007, when I finally found a client (BigFix CEO Dave Robbins and his totally crazy SVP David Appelbaum) who had a sufficient taste for blood to go for a public execution. I then found Daryl Mandryk, a Canadian science fiction illustrator whose work truly resonates with me. We did a series of ads about cyber privateers. The first two were men, but after polling the female BigFix employees to make sure they wouldn't be offended, I created "Mrs. Black" and turned her lose. I've signed all my ads since the beginning, including everything I ever did for Oracle during their first $15 million to $1 billion annual revenue ramp up (notice the TRBA in the bottom right hand corner). Too bad BigFix got purchased by IBM. I had some great attack ads planned targeting China! Alas, there's not a company on the planet that has guts enough to do what truly needs to be done there. Which brings me to my motto: "God hates cowards."

Let me know if you want a high-resolution PDF of Mrs. Black suitable for framing, and I'll email it to you. Mrs. Black rocks.

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