Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Breakthrough privateering hardware: H3Tec™ nano-ionic resonance

Back in October of 2007, I found a "genius of the first waters" named Chuck Christensen who claimed to have made "…the most important scientific breakthrough since the invention of the transistor." Called nano-ionic resonance scanning, he claimed his technology "…can detect any element, molecule, or sequential list of elements and molecules at great distances and through any shielding. ANY shielding." Chuck further claimed to have located lost oil drilling bits at depths of 3,000 feet and to within 5 meters. After playing with the device for a weekend, I created the following ad for him, which ran in the Chicago edition of USA Today:
We even had a great online explanation and demonstration of the technology. But bad luck being what it is, neither Chuck nor I knew that my old friend Ed Zander was about to leave Motorola. As a result, Chuck and his company have been spending the last four years gainfully employed doing contract mineral exploration. He loaned me one of the devices on the condition that I DO NOT contract my services in any way shape or form, so I've satisfied myself with little neighborhood experiments and finding the occasional piece of lost jewelry around the house. The H3 is currently being used to detect IEDs in the Middle East. As a writer of fiction, however, my imagination explodes with possibilities for using this remarkable technology. Here are a few:

  1. Imagine parking an H3 unit on an overpass above a major highway, and radioing the license plate numbers of vehicles carrying drugs or explosives to highway patrol or federal agents waiting up the road. 
  2. Use a drone aircraft flying over Iran to give exact GPS locatins (including depth) of weapons-grade nuclear components. Naturally, Israel might use this data a little differently than the USA or maybe the UN. One thing is certain: H3-generated intelligence might have yielded better WMD data prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  3. Finally, because the H3 "excites" the elements for which it is looking, an admittedly far-out use of nano-ionic resonance would be to actually plant The Perfect Virus in stationary devices that are not connected to the outside world and are located deep underground or behind formidable defensive barriers. Yes, this is one or two major PhD dissertations away, but wow, consider the possibilities.
  4. It's not inconceivable that nano-ionic resonance could be used to read the contents of deeply hidden flash memory devices.
Fact or fiction? Hey, I'm just a writer spinning yarns. But so were Jules Verne, Piers Anthony and Arthur C. Clarke. Those guys dreamed up some pretty cool stuff. So has Chuck Christensen.


  1. H3Tec fraud

    See here:


    Ask why they will not go for the JREF Million Dollar Challenge!!

  2. I run the above comment in the spirit that "full disclosure" is the best practice (I was on the audit committee of a public corporation and attest that most criminal activity that happens in life is due to after-the-fact cover up and not do to the original cause). Therefore, those wanting to see a rabid enemy of H3Tec claims should consider all sources (critical and otherwise). My own anecdotal experience with the device (finding lost jewelry around the house) convinces me there is some foundation in truth to H3Tec's claims. But since I haven't yet found any NYC nukes, ya gotta' consider the source of all inputs. I'll get an upgraded unit loaned to me the next time I go to NYC and go tilting at some windmills with it. Again. If something really bad happens to me, either it worked and I stumbled into a terrorist plot, or maybe I just rode a bicycle into Harlem at midnight and became prey to someone who wanted a swell bicycle. Selah.

  3. I confess I've been getting some shrill email from Peter above, who really "has a thing" against H3Tec and Chuck Christensen. I've decided not to let him use my cyber privateering forum for his vendetta. That's my disclosure. You can check his link above for all the negative information you want on H3Tech and make your own decisions. As I've gotten his email, I've passed it onto Chuck who profusely apologizes to me for putting myself into the crosshairs.

    Admittedly, my experience with the H3 is anecdotal and in no way a rigorously scientific appraisal. And no, Chuck Christensen hasn't shared with me the science behind the H3. So if you want to put me into the "wishful thinking" category, go ahead. Heck, I'm just a novelist who thinks it would be great to play superhero and go to NYC and uncover some terrorist nukes (hopefully before they detonate). I'd rather be a live hero than a dead one.

    And speaking about live heros, Chuck filled me in on use of the H3 to find IEDs in the Middle East. Here is his March 9th email, verbatim (my next comment):

  4. (continued - email from Chuck)
    "This military issue is the one that he’s hanging his hat on so it seems insane to me. I have never said I have a military contract. H3 out of our own pocket build two mil spec machines for the army. The opportunity arose with my home teaching companion [note, this is a Mormon term] who’s son is a reservist major at the time. His son called me and said can the H3 find IED’s. I told him yes, but if I were in the boots on the ground I would be very cautious and wouldn’t trust anything until it was completely tested in the field environment. My testing only had 1000 data points and zero in the battlefield. He made arrangements to get us clearance to his unit’s deployment training at Ft. Hunter Liggett in California. We were invited by General Shultz his commanding officer. I flew 3 people including myself (at our expense), one other tech, and one videographer to this training and deployment event. We spent 4 days training 3 majors and one sgt. who was in the security platoon of their unit. They all had success finding the targets, and on the 2nd day Gen. Shultz invited us into the IED and VIED training. We saw very graphic video’s of soldiers losing life and limb with the IED explosions. It was very sobering to say the least. We had a briefing with everyone that was involved with convoys and leaving the forward operating bases. We talked about what the H3 could and couldn’t do. I cautioned them that even if you feel you are very successful finding IED’s and explosive devices I wouldn’t trust anything. They said they would use them at security gates at Forward Operating Bases (FOB) and test them that way. Security forces would also test and train in Afghanistan. So we had a device in Kuwait and Afghanistan. We received great data from overseas and had a Skype connection to the troops so we could converse once a week o[r] once every two weeks. Everything went very well we have battle data, the troops were very confident with the machine and H3 got their foot in the back door where we tried to get in the front door before and was put on a 5 year wait, so the SBIR channel could be done. We felt we didn’t want to do the SBIR as then we were owned by the defense department."

    "This was such a great experience for us and one unit is still in the theater, but I don’t know what’s happening with it. I’m suppose to get a report on it later this month. My contact Lt. Col Mitton was promoted to that rank for his extra efforts and getting all his blocks checked. Geoffrey Mitton is going to retire out of the Army next month and has asked me for a job as a liaison with the Army. I think that’s such a positive statement from an Army guy who used this in a war theater."

  5. My final two cents on the above two comments:

    The valid question raised about Chuck and H3 is, "Why isn't he a billionaire by now?" My SWAG answer is that he doesn't want to tell anybody how the H3 works. He'd rather sell "black boxes" and contract his time for mineral exploration. That's his choice. It wouldn't be mine. And I'd probably pull some strings and get some MIT guys doing a double-blind study. Chuck doesn't trust guys that smart not to reverse engineer his device. After the RCA mugging of Philo Farnsworth over the invention of the television set, I can at least see where Chuck is coming from. Again, were it me, I'd probably throw H3 technology into the public domain and satisfy myself with founding a new branch of science, so I could be spoken of in the same sentence with guys like Stephen Wolfram and Ray Kurzweil.

    As it is, I'll take the H3 to NYC on my next trip and think about wearing a cape as I take my midnight bicycle ride around Manhattan, looking for terrorist nukes. To think about it though, if I were a jihadist and did manage to get a workable nuke into The Big Apple, I'd probably detonate it immediately. So the probability of my being in NYC at the same time as an about-to-be-detonated nuke…approaches zero. So please forgive me in advance if I miss the opportunity and something really bad happens. After all, I'm just a novelist dreaming up a good story.


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