Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is Intel willing to bet $10 million?

Today's Computerworld reports that Intel is "Developing a security game-changer'" that will "stop zero-day attacks in their tracks." Yeah, right. Sorry guys, but The Perfect Virus will eat your lunch. Don't believe me? Then put up some real dough and give some cyber privateers a Get Out Of Jail Free card. Make it $10 million, and  you would do more to save the world from cyber criminals and rogue governments than could all the politicians placed end to end. Given The Perfect Virus and the nano-ionic resonance technology about which I posted yesterday, nothing is safe without a complete ground-up redesign of the TCP/IP and the entire Internet. Nowhere, at no time, and no way can Intel deliver a zero-day-proof technology on today's infrastructure.

Intel CTO Justin Ratner has been listening to pure smoke from their newest acquisition, McAfee, who was a second-tier signature-based security company. I suggest you have them put their money where their mouth is, and peg all their acquisition-performance bonuses to delivering on that outrageous promise. Either they get the dough, or the cyber privateers who crack their bold new idea get the dough. Either way, we win. If nobody collects on the offer, then they've delivered and will have our eternal gratitude. But if they pay, they will have substantially created the first cyber privateer war chest. Hopefully the winner will…"use that power only for good."

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