Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cyber privateering could save political careers

Item #2 of the Cyber Privateer Code should resonate with both Republicans and Democrats in today's tight-money/deficit-spending environment. Especially this morning, after last night's political shenanigans. It reads:
If it is determined that the attacker is acting under explicit instructions from a larger organization or government, the assets of that organization or government are also forfeit to the extent that an authorized cyber privateer may confiscate them within a six month period of the original motivating attack. All assets.
In other words, after the United States officially proclaims "The Morgan Doctrine" and gives a date after which it will be strictly enforced by Letters of Marque and Reprisal to licensed and bonded cyber privateers, heaven help the country that allows government-sponsored cyber criminal activity. I would fully expect that within a week after the final deadline, a massively coordinated exploit—run from the dashboard (Prosumption principle #11) of The Perfect Virus by independently operating teams of industry specialists (Team Isolation principle #16) and incorporating a multi-pronged/staggeringly-lethal set of defenses (principle #22)—could make an historic contribution to deficit reduction. Even after splitting half the loot with a licensed and bonded cyber privateering enterprise (ie, the first organization to get an iron-clad get-out-of-jail-free card).

Many regard the Revolutionary War privateers as a last-ditch all-or-nothing effort. It is my contention that  cyber crime and global government misbehavior threatens to destroy us today. Furthermore, in the time between officially stating "The Morgan Doctrine" and the day on which we pull the trigger, the privateer bonding authority could be given enough PROOF to authorize each and every element of the above-mentioned privateer exploit.

So all you politicians running for cover after last night's budget compromise might regard legalized cyber privateering is a career-saving move. Really.

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