Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cyber privateer response to Oak Ridge attackers?

Today's story on how Top-secret US lab infiltrated by spear phishers—again—as a result of a successful phishing attack and subsequent installation of data-stealing malware—suggests a scenario by means of which I can demonstrate how my fictional cyber privateering organization, Destroying Angel, would function. Let us assume:
  1. The Oak Ridge penetration was the result of government-sponsored espionage (see one my first posts about Russia and China).
  2. The espionage contractor to that government is a major commercial entity (ie, China's Huawei).
Pursuant to Paragraph 5 of The Cyber Privateer Code, the following is my video of an "unambiguous notification" that would be magically appear (ie, using The Perfect Virus that's part of the cyber privateering toolkit) on every computer or workstation in the espionage contractor's network, on all executive branch computers and workstations of the sponsoring government, and which would be sent NON-VIRALLY as a release to major news organizations:

If only, eh?

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