Friday, April 22, 2011

Impossible to underestimate IQ of Congress

Just the day after I review my friend Charlie Engar's new novel about "…jihadists, insane Russians, expansionist Chinese, and venal U.S. politicians…" the latest headline confirms the "venal U.S. politician" part. ZDNet reports that Congressman Ed Markey (D-Mass) sent Steve Jobs a letter demanding answers to iPhone location-tracking database functionality. Too bad Vin Diesel probably won't do a reprise of his role in the movie XXX and steal Ed Markey's car and drive it off a bridge while singing "An ass is an ass unless of course that ass is Mister Ed…Markey, that is…" I can't Google up a single instance where the good Massachusetts Democrat has expressed the least curiosity about Russian and Chinese cyber attacks on the U. S. infrastructure, let alone their daily attacks on my own Linux server. The congressman does have a record of holding corporations' feet to the fire over privacy issues, but his electronic footprint is nonexistent when it comes to foreign attacks on our IT infrastructure. Oh well.

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