Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Alien Architecture: Hijacking (Hacking) "Earth Day"

Just a bit of what I call "displacement activity" for your consideration. Under the topic of "Black Box Portability" ( see Perfect Virus Principle #7 here), there are "social engines" that can be hacked by The Perfect Virus. One of those popular engines is the Frank Herbert-inspired Earth Day (do a search on the left-hand box to see my posts on "Frank Herbert") celebrated every year on April 22nd. If you have an environmental agenda and want to co-opt some Earth Day festivities for fun and profit, why not reserve one available domain that I'm frankly amazed no one has snapped up?
The Earth Day folk obviously have not played rhetorical wargames (an art taught to me by the legendary Dick Morris—read about Dick here). A rhetorical wargame has all your best and brightest sitting in a room, wondering how you might be hacked, hijacked, subverted, infiltrated, etc. Then you put defensive/offensive ploys into play that would prevent or seriously discourage such actions. is available, along with a lengthy list of other domains that the Earth Day folk should have picked up. But I'll keep those to myself. After all, I have quite a few friends who are fanatically serious about sustainable ways to protect the environment.

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