Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yahoo!, The Gift That Just Keeps On Giving

With security Swiss cheese like Yahoo! on the planet, we're pretty well guaranteed that the population of botnet nodes will only increase. I get enough phishing spam that I know NOT to open attachments or click on hyperlinks even from people I know, and especially if they come from Yahoo! accounts. But my wife and her friends, now that's another story. They get a little note from a dear friend, chances are pretty good they'll click on a link. This morning, both my wife and I got such an email. I read mine first and cc'd everyone on the list that they shouldn't open the attachment. Unfortunately, my wife reads her email sequentially and clicked on her attachment before reading my email advising people NOT to click on the attachment. Lucky for her our virus protection and sandboxed browser raised a warning flag. My guess, though, is that the other ladies on the list are now hosts for little self-propagating alien beasts. Thanks, Yahoo! Yeah, I see why you have an exclamation point after your name.

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