Saturday, March 16, 2013

Brian Krebs Is Now A Superstar

I've said before that Brian Krebs is "the real deal" when it comes to reporting on Internet security (see my post from two years ago here). He's been the trusted "go to" guy shining the flashlight on the criminal underground cockroaches. In the last twenty-four hours, the cockroaches have overplayed their hand. As reported by Brian in his security blog (read it here), not only did they launch a cyber attack against him, but they spoofed a 911 call as if it were coming from his home, resulting in armed police drawing a bead on Mr. Krebs as he stepped out the front door. So how did the cockroaches misplay their hand?

Simply, the news of this incident could well turn Brian Krebs into a media superstar. Which means that his valued opinions on what should be done might mitigate the otherwise stupid course of some well-meaning but completely inept politicians. In other words, we might actually get an effective cybercrime/cyberwar police. And that is something the cockroaches really don't want to see. Because it's bad for business.

I learned how to spoof caller ID some years ago, and often fantasized (but never EVER acted on those fantasies) about displaying "WHITE HOUSE" on someone's cell phone. "This is the White House calling. The President of the United States would like to speak to you…etc." Find a Barack Obama sound-alike and have some real fun. I don't know why it never occurred to me in those fantasy scenarios that one might spoof a 911 call and actually put someone's life in danger. I'm more inclined toward comedy. What happened to Brian is no joke.

So, way to go Brian. I'm going to stick to writing fiction. You forge ahead fighting on the real battlefield.

Best to you and yours,

Rick Bennett


  1. + On a television series the fake 911 call achieves its purpose.

    CSI MIAMI, season 6
    Episode 20: "Down to the wire"

    2 minutes preview!overview/243099/CSI-Miami-Down-to-the-Wire

    + Is possible this way to kill someone already was made before and by the same evil person.
    Did this possibility has been verified?

  2. In answer to your last questions, yes this has been verified. There are numerous anonymous ways—some billed as "joke" services—to accomplish this. They claim NOT to allow 911 spoofing, but anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of CLECs, telephone switches, and the simple expedient of call forwarding can get around just fine and spoof anything, anytime.


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