Monday, July 22, 2013

Microsoft Spies For U.S, Huawei Spies for China.

The Register story of Friday has the former head of both the CIA and NSA saying Huawei spies for China (see story here). They previously reported that Microsoft spies for the U.S. (see story here). I contend, once again, that privatizing cyber security with licensed and bonded privateers is a superior solution, that an openly stated doctrine of international Internet conduct (my Cyber Privateer Code, see it here) has the following advantages:
  1. It protects the innocent.
  2. It creates a growth industry.
  3. It stops the silly expenditure on a cyber arms race by governments, because
  4. It takes government completely out of the picture
How does it take government out of the picture? Simple. Rogue governments who get cute on the Internet risk having their liquid assets impounded.

Any questions, Grasshopper?

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