Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Snowden: Microsoft Opens Back Door. Ellison Data Exhaust: "Fat Chance!"

Five days ago, the U.K. Register reported Snowden's revelation that Microsoft opened a back door to Outlook.com for NSA (see story here). So how about the number-one database company, Oracle? My prediction, based upon data exhaust from multiple sources over multiple years, is that Larry Ellison would have no part of giving the NSA back-door access to anything in Oracle, anywhere. On January 8, 2011, I reported that FBI director Mueller went to Silicon Valley to ask all the tech companies to build "back doors" into their products (see story here). I wish I could have been a fly on the wall of any meeting between Larry Ellison and the FBI director.But since I wasn't, I'll take a stab at creating Larry's reaction to such a request:
"Bob! Can I call you Bob? No, then let's settle on Dip Stick, you intellectual pigmy! Not only is it going to hit the press that you came out here asking the U.S. software industry to cut our own competitive throats around the world, but just one whistle blower is all it would take to absolutely cripple us in China and Russia. The answer is not only no, it's Hell No! What…You're going to bring legal action against us under the Patriot Act? Fine, Dip Stick, bring it on! I've got a litigation department; let'em litigate. (Pause) Yeah, I pressed the button asking my security team to come in here. They're going to escort you out of the building. And guys (to the security team), it wouldn't break my heart if you accidently tasered this guy in the nuts."
Okay, this is fairly uncharacteristic of Larry who, at least when I worked with him, was remarkably adverse to face-to-face conflict. But I'll bet this was what Larry was thinking during any meeting with then-director Mueller.

Is my prediction accurate. Only time, or possibly Snowden, will tell. That second option may never come about, especially if Snowden is granted asylum in Russia. Putin seems to want to keep the lid on the PRISM gold mine (see yesterday's Computerworld story here).  As I wrote on June 14th (see it here), the only audience who DOES NOT know what PRISM is up to is the American Public. China and Russia were darn well aware what we were up to. And Putin's publicly stated reason for shutting up Snowden has nothing to do with Russian-American relations. Putin simply wants the fruits of PRISM's data gathering and is probably willing to grant Snowden asylum in exchange for a data dump.

Stay tuned, sports fans. We'll see if my assessment of Larry Ellison is spot on. After all, I drafted him as the leader of my Cyber Privateering Fantasy League for a reason.

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  1. + Making a defective product is a crime.

    + If I want to buy a cheese with holes I buy Swiss Gruyere cheese.

    + Now I remember the words of that guy who tried to go to Marais temps Clair c.a. (mo) and fled the scene of the search. Maybe he was right and someone from the government was rummaging through his personal computer or e mail.

    "Twice in the last three days, my email account has been either compromised or deactivated. No idea what's up with that, and my passwords are extremely difficult and change often. I am very secure (or so I thought) but apparently someone was able to both shut mine off and get in somehow, twice in the last three days. I've made the Spaniard aware of the situation and he told me to try and keep records of everything. Does anyone have those threads archived? I asked people to, and some claimed they were. I would have done it, except you know, I was on the fucking train escaping what I thought to surely be only bad things."

    + Then it was extraordinary, not now.

    + My country has had to apologize to Bolivia for the history of president's plane.

    + Snowden's flight has created a series of absurd and potentially dangerous situations. The flight to China was not an accident..... and all this has happened in the name of national security.

    This is a botched job.


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