Friday, July 19, 2013

"Sorry, this computer has become a zombie and we had to kill it."

With the large numbers of computers that have been infected with malware and now act as proxies for nefarious DDoS and/or fraud schemes, is it time for someone with superior skills to put these "zombies" out of their misery? They'd simply leave this message on the disabled device:
Sorry, this computer has become a zombie and we had to kill it. If you have important data you'd like to recover…
 Two questions arise:
  1. Would would be the economic impact of such a draconian measure? 
  2. What mechanism could be put into place to save the data on the disabled computers for their obviously surprised and frantic owners?
Getting the IP addresses of infected computers is no problem, since they can be aggregated from server error logs around the world.

This question is brought to you by a collaterally damaged Network Solutions customer whose email was severely impacted this week by yet another DDoS attack on his provider (see my post of eleven months ago on the subject here).

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