Monday, September 23, 2013

Data Exhaust: It's Time for Larry Ellison to Save the U.S. Software Industry

Two headlines today do a more effective job of building my case for licensed and bonded cyber privateers. The first, from Computerworld, shows how former U.S. software customers are running overseas because of the "NSA spying fiasco" (see story here). The second story from its sister publication Networkworld has the headline, "NSA wants even closer partnership with tech industry" (see story here). If this trend continues, there will not be any U.S. software industry.

When's Tony Stark (in real life, the head of my Cyber Privateer Fantasy League, Larry Ellison) going to do a victory lap around a Senate Security Committee meeting? Of course, he'll be proclaiming, "I have successfully privatized world cyber peace!"

Okay, Larry. Take some time to win the Americas Cup race. Then get down to saving the U.S. software industry. Hey, you've already saved the world from biblical incineration (see my introduction of Larry here).

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