Thursday, September 19, 2013

Snowden And The Seven Dorks: What's Next?

Today's excellent summary of Edward Snowden's NSA hi-ho-hi-ho-off-to-datamining-we-go leaks in Computerworld (see the story here) has a not-so-subtle metaphor in the children's tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (…make that Dorks). Only there may be a lot more than seven. So far we have (my own favorite childhood names come from the1937 movie):

  1. Bashful: Google would like to come clean, but…
  2. Doc: Naturally it's (.doc) Microsoft (see post here)
  3. Dopey: Reserved for the FBI (see posts here and here)
  4. Grumpy: Apple
  5. Happy: Facebook
  6. Sleepy: U.S. Allies around the world
  7. Sneezy: Yahoo (see my story about Yahoo Swiss-cheese security here)
Believe me, the above list is nowhere near complete. But then, metaphors always have a way of falling to pieces in the harsh daylight of reality. Stay tuned, kiddies!

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