Thursday, September 26, 2013

Why Larry Ellison is the Captain of My Cyber Privateer Fantasy League Team

For those of you who didn't follow the America's Cup race, Ellison's Oracle team came from an 8-to-1 deficit to retain the America's Cup by a 9-to-8 margin. In short, Larry knows how to wage war and properly lead the troops. He's the only executive on the planet who would stand a chance of securing the Internet and (in a Tony Stark-like lap around a Senate hearing room) proclaiming, "I have successfully privatized world cyber peace!"

I suggest anyone interested in the art of modern warfare take a look at the final Team Oracle press conference (see it here). At about 52 minutes into the YouTube video, skipper Jimmy Spithill was asked to override Larry's refusal to talk specific boat technology and tell what they did to the boat after they "broke the code" for performance. What a class act! Spithill replied:
"I was just winding you guys up. We didn't change a thing."
For six years I spent one, sometimes two afternoons a week with Larry. It was quite an education. For those of you who want to "go to school" and learn how to win, this press conference could provide lesson material for a whole college semester.

Congratulations, Larry!

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  1. Hello Mr Bennett

    +This is an impressive victory, this victory is even mentioned in Forbes:

    “You know what 8-to-1 is?”
    Ellison said in a press conference after the race. “8-1 is motivated.”

    “It’s moments like these, when his back is against the wall, that Ellison is fiercest.”


    Bye from Spain


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