Wednesday, January 15, 2014

NANO-IONIC RESONANCE: How to Remotely Take Over a Computer That's Not Connected to Anything

Over three years ago, I posted a rather prophetic piece, given todday's U.K. Register story (read it here) and yesterday's New York Times story (read the story here). On January 11, 2011 I wrote:
… an admittedly far-out use of nano-ionic resonance would be to actually plant The Perfect Virus in stationary devices that are not connected to the outside world and are located deep underground or behind formidable defensive barriers. 
My speculation is a major step ahead of the above Snowden revelations, in that it doesn't require inserting tech on or near target computers.

Now remember folks, that this blog is and always has been a vehicle for fleshing out material for my novels, current and future. And I've frequently contended that science fiction authors were a pretty good source for futuristic predictions (see the homage to my late friend Frank Herbert here). A general nod to military science fiction (see it here) acknowledges a broad spectrum of literary influences in my life. In fact, the single most important technological breakthrough in creating the Perfect Virus—Principle #7: Black Box Portability—was inspired by Piers Anthony's novel Macroscope.

So welcome to Daddy's Little Felons. And welcome to a most exciting 2014.

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