Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My 2013 All-time Top-10 Cyber Privateering Articles

On this first day of January 2014, I'm intrigued at the readership frequency of my Cyber Privateering articles. Here they are, in order of popularity (with clickable links):

  1. "Stupid and Stupider" in Zombieland — My most entertaining post, ever.
  2. My 2010 top-ten cyber privateer blog topics — I guess the key words in this posting drew more flies than a dung wagon.
  3. Huawei walks into a Beltwar bar… — Ya gotta laugh at the world.
  4. Privateer analytics: high-reward/high-risk numbers — A big dose of reality.
  5. Japan, I have a solution for you and Sony — Somebody in Japan is seriously considering the world situation, especially with this article and with #8 on the list, below.
  6. FBI's "best & brightest" blow one for the gipper — Those zany GMEN are always good for a laugh.
  7. Today's Network Solutions DDOS attack proves my point — Current faith in Internet security is a bit of a joke. If the "best of the best" can't keep the lights on, what hope is there for anybody else?
  8. Terrorist hunting: Dear Sony Entertainment, Part II — See #5 above. Somebody in Japan is doing some thinking.
  9. Frank Herbert clearly foresaw our day — SciFi authors have been pretty prophetic.
  10. Stuxnet response from Iranian hacker? — Clearly a "false flag" Chinese misdirection 
And I suppose you'd like to see the geographic breakdown of my top readership? Here ya go:
  1. United States — No surprise here
  2. Ukraine — The cyber crime capital of the world?
  3. China — The most aggressive cyber power next to the NSA
  4. France — No slouches in cyber weaponization
  5. United Kingdom — Ditto
  6. Germany — Ditto
  7. Russia — Ditto
  8. India — Ditto
  9. Singapore — What?
  10. Canada — Beauty, eh?
So we go into 2014. Analytics gurus and quant shops, start your engines.

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