Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sochi Terror Threat Data Exhaust

Everybody who is anybody is forecasting rough sledding at the Sochi Winter Games. Here's the Quantum Leap "furball" of connecting/relevant tweets over the past five days.
NET NET as I click through the various articles: Even if they manage to put a steel ring around the Olympics events themselves (and good luck with outdoor events such as the luge), it will be well nigh impossible to protect tourists in their outside accommodations. Question: What's to keep Afghan-sourced/US-supplied stinger missiles from being launched outside the security perimeter? 
At the very best, the terrorists have put some slick ice outside the doorways of travel agents trying to get tourists to visit Sochi. At the very worst, well:

  1. Russia may well nuke Mecca before we get around to it; and 
  2. The Israelis may have a partner in taking out the Iranian nuclear program.
It should be an interesting month. I probably wouldn't accept a free, all-expenses-paid trip to Sochi. Then again, I'm a relative agoraphobe whose trips outside the Pirate Cottage revolve around bicycle rides up and down my mountain.

Follow-up Note: 

I just received an email from an old Oracle advertising buddy commenting on the above post. It came from Bob Berger, who relates a 2006 mountain-climbing story. Interestingly, Bob is an athlete who actually climbed Mt. Everest and reached the summit in 2012. Bob has no guile, and it is obvious from his account that he comes across as friendly and non-jingoistic to people who would love an excuse to kill another filthy American pig. Here's Bob's email response:

I was there climbing Mt. Elbrus, not far from Sochi, during a G12 meeting in St. Petersburg. In the Caucasus, where we were going to be climbing, a convoy with a rebel leader somehow mysteriously blew up! The lead truck carrying all of the explosives, and the rebel leader, for an apparent terror attack, detonated. 

Of course, all of this happened before any of us really knew what a drone was...

There we were, a group of 20 Americans, tromping around Muslim central looking to climb in the heart of some very pissed off people. Needless to say, my head was on a swivel. At our base camp at 14,000 feet, there was a group of Iranian climbers. This, at a time when they said their nuclear program was for energy. One of the Iranians came up to our group and started taunting us with a video camera. 

“Amereeekans. Amereeekans. Say something to the pipple of Irrrraaaann.” 

Most of my team turned away except me.

“Hey, I got something for ya,” I said facing him. 

“Ok Amereeekan. I have you on video for all of Iraaaan. Go ahead.”

I walked up to him. Looked into the camera and said, “Go solar. We’ll all be better off.”

The guy put down his camera, shook my hand and said, “Thank you Amereeekan. You are right.”

It’s going to be a weird Olympics.
Thanks, Bob. Send me photos and I'll publish them!

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