Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Androids Can Catch Cyberthieves; iPhones Can't. Period.

Today's ZDNet Tech had the headline, "Five things Android smartphones have that are unlikely to come to the iPhone6" (see article here). With due respect, this article completely misses the boat. The one reason I have an Android (Galaxy S4) is it's ability to record and store phone calls locally. iPhones will NEVER be able to do that. Sure, you can subscribe to third-party services for outbound calls, but what a pain! How about those inbound calls from scammers?

On April 16th of this year (see my article here), I posted A Modest Proposal for Going on the Offensive With Internet Scammers. I even shared a television interview I did, hoping the FBI would take the hint and really "put a check in the swing" of the bad guys. Fat chance.

So for your continuing enjoyment, following is the final phone call I had with an Internet scammer trying to overpay me for a grand piano and have me send the excess funds back to them. Sure, they were willing to wait for the fraudulent check to clear before I sent them the money. Of course, when the company against whose account the bogus check was issued got their bank to reverse the transaction, I'd be out the $5,000 overpayment. I recorded my final  "got'cha" call with the scammer on my Android. Here it is (and I'm displaying the UK and US phone numbers of the scammer, in case anybody wants to do some triangulation and make life…er…interesting for the crooks:
I've been a die-hard iPhone fan since the beginning. And it's the only phone I'd buy for my wife. But for anyone with a measurable technological IQ, I recommend an Android (even though they suck battery life faster than a dozen iPhones).

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