Thursday, March 19, 2020

NIH hiding effects of malaria drug in treating COVID-19

The National Institute of Health website itself (click here if you don't believe me), has a chilling statement about the so-called "miracle drug" used for years to treat malaria. Just click on their website and search for the word "paranoia" before running out and buying more ammunition for your assault weapon. Oh wait, you can't find ammo in stores any more. Turns out this sentence is buried:
"However, there are a growing number of clinical reports that show these drugs may also have neurological side effects, including paranoia, anxiety and depression."
Okay DestroyingAngel, you say, big deal! Right? Ou contraire mon petit chu chu (my nod to France, where they breathlessly report a 100% cure rate for COVID-19 with the drug chloroquine). Say "No big deal" to the U.S. military when soldiers at Ft. Bragg came back, killed their wives, and committed suicide. And then there was the boat in the Persian Gulf.

The above data was sent to me by a brilliant lady whose former husband went on the malaria meds and became psychotic, to the point he tried to kill her. Yep, he's her former husband.

So with our president and Fox News excitedly reporting a possible "cure" for COVID-19, get set for a real kind of Zombieland. While the NIH doesn't quantify the "neurological effects" of chloroquine, my mathematician's brain suggests that if tens of millions of Americans get the drug, there will be some serious weirdness that requires us to protect ourselves from…real zombies.

Uh, remember to DOUBLE TAP.

Taman Shud

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