Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wanted: Chinese spies

On November 11th I published the IP addresses of Chinese attack servers hammering on my little Linux box. Just this week I published my 3rd unanswered request to the FBI about cyber criminal activity. And on December 13th as I talked about Universalization (principle #18 of The Perfect Virus), I suggested, "It is likely China will be developing (or maybe has already developed) one-of-a-kind technology with which they will conduct cyber warfare." So today I'd like to turn the tables. If you are a Chinese dissident reading this blog from an anonymous proxy server, and if you have specific software or hardware architectural details on (a) unpublicized zero-day exploits; (b) code for super virus software; (c) new Chinese-based hardware architectures; and/or (d) a new Chinese cyber war operating system, then please send me SFTP technical access information in a comment to this blog. I will see to it that the information gets dropped into the hands of the NSA as well as the Black Hat organization. But most importantly, I promise to publish a summary of the technical data in this blog (My motives are not altruistic; I absolutely positively don't want some spooks showing up and torturing me to death just to make sure I don't know anything). Yep, that's the novelist in me.

You know why I am doing this: I'm yea verily irritated at the Chinese attacks on my little worthless Linux box.

But why would you want to do this? I will not insult you with a litany of anti-Chinese rhetoric. And I'm not holding up the USA as the world-wide paragon of virtue. Instead, I'm simply proposing that freedom is better than servitude. If you share that value, you know what to do.

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