Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Cyber Privateer Fantasy League team

In a perfect world—one with a rational Congress that wanted to solve the cyber crime/war problem rather than cater to the special interest groups who make big campaign contributions—we would issue Letters of Marque and Reprisal to licensed and bonded cyber privateering organizations. And in that perfect world, I'd like to be an angel investor in a company run by the five nominees to my Cyber Privateer Fantasy League (CPFL):
  1. Larry Ellison
  2. Marc Benioff
  3. Jeff Walker
  4. Nancy Harvey
  5. Suresh Madhavan
  6. Morris Jones (added 28 December 2010)
I've hyperlinked their names to my nomination post. If I add more individuals to my first-string team, then I'll come back and modify this list with the appropriate link. I don't plan to add individuals that I don't know or with whom I haven't personally worked. Someday, if I ever have a best-selling novel or maybe attend the premier of a movie based on one of my novels, I'll host a dinner for these individuals. A good deal of the fun I have in life is introducing people who subsequently share an adventure together. These five people would have one heck of a cool adventure as the premier cyber privateering organization on planet Earth. And they'd make their stockholders an awfully lot of money. In a perfect world.

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