Friday, February 11, 2011

China, I wouldn't even take a FREE Huawei cell phone or tablet

Yesterday's Wall Street Journal story about the U.S. government Committee on Foreign Investment reviewing, and likely to recommend reversing, the Huawei 3Leaf Systems acquisition leads me to believe that the feds aren't as stupid as I thought they were. Time will tell, however, if (a) the feds make the right recommendation, and (b) if we do indeed reverse the transaction.

China, they way you've been attacking my Linux server, I wouldn't trust you with any control over my infrastructure or with the supply chain of my infrastructure. Which is why I'm amazed at the announcement that Huawei is going to be introducing both a cell phone and a slim tablet at next week's Mobile World Congress show in Spain. Guys, I don't care how many colors it comes in, I'm not buying a phone that could conceivably be hot miked, twinned, or give you punks a back door into my address book. Ditto for the tablet. And I'll be taking a darned close look at the supply chain of computer components for any future electronics purchases.

Adam Smith's invisible hand may turn into a fist, as far as China is concerned. Until they start behaving like responsible world citizens (among my more notable posts are the IP addresses of their attack servers, how China/Russia could be behind attacks on our financial institutions, and the data bombs China and Russia are installing on our utility infrastructures), they do not deserve a place at the technology table.

This isn't jingoism or profiling. It's just plain common sense. So shape up, China. I wouldn't take a computer or cell phone from you if you were giving them away. This brings to mind an ad I did for Larry Ellison at Oracle in 1989. We heard Digital Equipment Corporation was going to start shipping their Rdb database free with every VAX computer. Since VAX was Oracle's bread and butter platform, we quickly drove a stake into their heart with the following ad (within a year, DEC abandoned Rdb to Oracle):
So to my Chinese friends, at least for today, I wouldn't take a Huawei cell phone, tablet, or computer even if you were giving them away. You're going to have to earn my trust.

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