Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Russia doesn't jail young Darth Vader

Did you hear the story about Russian hacker Yevgeny Anikin (hey, doesn't the fictional Anikin, er Anakin, become Darth Vader?) who was convicted of stealing $10 million from Royal Bank of Scotland accounts but isn't going to be doing jail time? Well, they do say he is quite repentant. There is some buzz that Russia was behind the NASDAQ Director's Desk penetration (see my posts from Saturday and again yesterday). It's not too big a leap to figure out that Anikin has agreed to tutor the Russian cyber criminals on his penetration technology. After all, Richard Clarke in his book Cyber War asserts that the Russians are ahead of even the Chinese in their cyber warfare capabilities. My guess is that they want to stay there. "Luke, I'm your father! Follow the force."

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