Monday, February 21, 2011

Huawei withdraws from 3Leaf acquisition

I think Huawei's withdrawl from the 3Leaf acquisition smartly saved the U.S. from having to nix the deal and the subsequent inevitable face-saving retaliation that China would have to launch. My guess is that a lot of behind-the-scenes diplomatic action brought about this outcome. Yes, I've previously stated that I wouldn't use a Huawei cell phone or tablet computer even if they gave them away, largely because of my security suspicions. But that was the calculated overstatement necessary to make an important point. However, should the U.S. authorize and allow bonded protection by licensed cyber privateers, and should such an organization sell me a "security policy" for my hardware/software purchases on a name-by-name vendor basis, I would not only use Chinese-manufactured products but I would not object to a Huawei/3Leaf acquisition. I don't mind letting Adam Smith's "invisible hand" turn into a fist when necessary. Cyber privateers could provide the checks and balances necessary to avoid future, bigger diplomatic dust ups that might well lead to all kinds of war, cyber and otherwise.

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