Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How DOE Should Spend Their $20 Million

Read today's Network World story on how the DOE is going to spend $20 million on advanced cybersecurity tools (see story here) to protect (defend) our energy supply. Then consider an alternate scenario: DOE should offer a $10 million bounty on any cyber privateer who can loot the attackers of our energy supply (ie; China), and further offer to split that loot 50/50 with said cyber privateer. The other $10 million of the DOE's $20 million budget would be for legal defense of the looting. In the final analysis, not only will the DOE end up keeping their $20 million, but they could make a good deal more, making this a "self-liquidating" project.

Or DOE could stay the course, continue just playing defense, and watch all the worst parts of the Bible come true.


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