Wednesday, February 13, 2013

To Ukraine, With Love

Of The Morgan Doctrine's 50,000+ fans, outside the United States the next most frequent visitors are from Ukraine. Here's the all-time top-10 list since I started The Morgan Doctrine back in 2010:
1.   United States

2.   Ukraine

3.   France

4.   United Kingdom

5.   China

6.   Germany

7.   Russia

8.   India

9.   Singapore

10. Canada
As a nod to my Ukranian readers, I have an observation, and then a question.

First, the observation. You and some of your Russian (#7 rank) buddies seem to be doing a booming business looting bank accounts around the world. Don't get me wrong. This is not an indictment and shouldn't be taken negatively. I just want to acknowledge your skills. And I want to implore you to "use this power for good." Which comes to my question.

Right now, the biggest threat to world peace (and Internet life as we know it) is China. Those guys are serious about world domination, and cyberwar technology is one of their top investments (use the search feature on the left to see my documentation of their misconduct). My question: Why aren't you going after the BIG money and looting Chinese financial assets around the world?

Mind you, I'm not suggesting you do this. But I'm wondering why you haven't?

I pose the above question…to Ukraine, with love.

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