Friday, February 22, 2013 Hacked. What, No Bounty? (and "some of it's other websites") was hacked and served up bank-heist malware (see Computerworld story here). The major media has been a bit slow reporting this story. Seems like NBC should have been out front on this. Too bad cybercrime laws forbid them from putting a bounty on finding and publicly punishing the culprits. Judas Priest! I wonder if the American Idol app I downloaded from FOX has enabled some Ukrainians to empty my bank account as I'm writing this.

[moments later]

Hey, so far, so good. Although somewhere, somehow, someone lifted my AmEx data and tried to go shopping. Luckily, AmEx called me within hours to let me know they were canceling the card and replacing it overnight. I've had AmEx for almost 40 years and really appreciate their attention to my viability.

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