Friday, December 12, 2014

More Unsolicited Advice to Sony and Japan: Call the Mossad!

The cyber invasion of Sony (definitely a NORK attack, since nobody else on the planet holds Kim Jong Un in anything approaching esteem) prompts me to offer one more in a long string of unsolicited recommendations (enter "Sony" in the search bar to the left for my other postings). Simply, my advice is to CALL THE MOSSAD. The FBI can't find a solution for getting out of a Chinese finger puzzle. The NSA doesn't want to give away anything that might compromise their inventory of zero-day vulnerabilities. Ditto for Homeland Security. So the answer? Call the Israeli Mossad and offer them a blank check the minute they can demonstrate sufficient retaliation and adequate restitution. In fact, to heck with restitution. Give them the blank check AND let them keep any loot from their revenge exploits. I leave it up to you and your government to facilitate the dialogue.

Taman Shud.

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