Thursday, December 18, 2014

Prediction: Some GOOD Hackers Broke Into Sony & Sold Access to the NORKs

One of my mantras is that "Creativity cannot exist in a repressive environment." The North Koreans simply don't have the environment to foster decent hackers. Sure, NORK "script kiddies" can launch DDoS attacks on select targets, and they might even hold relatives of South Koreans hostage to lever themselves into media outlets in the South. But to break into to Sony Pictures so thoroughly? Get serious! Any smart cyber brains in the North have their IQs cut in half out of sheer fear of their emotional-pygmy leader. So my serious advice to the FBI is…yup…follow the money and find out who broke into Sony and sold the goodies to the Un-geniuses.

Oh, wait. The FBI is barely qualified to compete in a cyber version of The Special Olympics. And the NSA isn't about to give away their inventory of Zero-day exploits.

So again, Sony, my advice is to CALL THE MOSSAD.

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