Thursday, December 25, 2014

1800CONTACTS Gets Trumped By An Eagle Scout

First 1800CONTACTS tried to hijack the Internet, and got put down by Federal Court Judge Clark Waddoups (see my story here). They appealed, and the appeals court whacked them hard for their insufferable greed (see the story here).  Then on Tuesday this week, 1800Contacts got some big-time publicity on ABC's local news station by giving a whopping $7,500 to the Utah Association of Intellectual Disabilities (see the news coverage here). Wow. A whopping $7,500. Nice headlines. Well, this morning, Christmas Morning, without cameras and fanfare, my namesake grandson (Richard H. Bennett, IV) delivered 75 gift packages to the American Fork (Utah) Development Center.
(L to R: Richard H. Bennett, III, Richard H. Bennett, IV, and me-Jr.)

That's 75 packages filled with the specific Santa lists of severely disabled people. I can only speak for two of the packages, since my wife and I shopped for them, but my grandson's Eagle Scout Project should have at least equalled the $7,500 contributed by 1800CONTACTS.

Those guys should have made a donation at least equal to the several hundred thousand dollars they've spent on frivolous litigation. Of course, their choice of charities probably mirrors their own intellectual disabilities. Paraphrasing author Jeff High, "1800CONTACTS' end of the gene pool needs a little more chlorine."

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