Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sony Hackers Cost Me H$2 Million in the Last Week

The Interview Featured Image

Of course, the two million was "funny money" in the Hollywood Stock Exchange, a website that gives you two million in funny money to start betting with other investors on how movies are going to do. I parlayed my H$2 million into about H$250 million, and I bet big on the premier of Sony's The Interview. Then the hack hit, and the movie stock went up a bit, before the hackers (I originally thought they were North Korean operatives, but I'm growing more convinced that this was a "false flag operation") threatened terrorist activity in any theaters that played the movie. Regal, AMC and other "major chains" have yanked the movie (see the DEADLINE story here). Talk about drawing people away from going on Christmas or any other Day. Of course, the hackers are costing Sony Entertainment some REAL money. I have some inside information on what really happened with the hack and its aftermath, but I'm not playing the one-upmanship game these days. Suffice it to say, the hackers aren't as clever as the media makes them out to be. They just got lucky.

Which leads me to speculate that this is really a false flag operation. The NORKs and their mental midget Un really aren't that smart. If they were smart, they'd fund their own movie (a comedy) on assassinating President Obama, staring Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu. In fact, a movie about the NORKs making this movie would be a knee-slapper, too.

Alas, I'm letting my money ride on The Interview with the Hollywood Stock Exchange. Even if the movie gets pulled, I'll just lose another H$4 million, which still puts my Hollywood portfolio somewhere around H$280 million. I sure do hope that, even if they pull the movie from theaters, Sony will go to DVD. Because I really would like to see this movie (edited, of course, courtesy of the ClearPlay filtering technology that turns "R" movies into "PG13s").

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  1. Just saw the news that Sony cancelled the release of THE INTERVIEW. Luckily, the WSJ just broke the story and I dumped my stock before the Hollywood Stock Exchange halted trading on it. Hmmmm…would that constitute "insider trading?"


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