Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hacking the 2016 Presidential Race with ZeroDDT: No National Debt, No Deficit Spending, and No Income Taxes!

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A guy nobody's ever heard of, Scott Smith, just published his outline for eliminating the national debt, deficit spending, and income taxes (check it out on Amazon here).  Here's the review I posted on Amazon:
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Having just finished Brad Thor's HIDDEN ORDER, which gives an excellent history of the Federal Reserve System and its creation, Scott Smith's 2016 presidential platform — A NOBODY FOR EVERYBODY IN 2016 — absolutely inspired me. Problem is, we can't even get all the states to agree whether or not Daylight Savings Time should be continued or abolished. The only hope for Scott Smith is voter dissatisfaction with a Clinton-Bush ticket in 2016. But a populist movement for ZeroDDT (Zero National Debt, Zero Deficit Spending, and Zero Income Taxes) could actually sweep Scot Smith into the White House. A guy named Adam Smith wrote WEALTH OF NATIONS. His namesake Scott Smith, who paid his dues on Wall Street and has several successful companies under his belt, wrote what I believe is the sequel to Adam Smith's tour de force. The ideas are simple enough for a low-information electorate to grok, yet well-enough developed to have the skeptical economist smacking himself in the forehead and exclaiming, "Damn! Why didn't I think of that?" Worst case, Scott Smith should at least be given Nobel consideration for his contribution to Economics. I'd dearly like to see Freakonomics gurus Dubner and Leavitt, or Wall Street icon Warren Buffett comment on ZeroDDT. I do know a "friend of a friend" and a former high-ranking Fed manager, characterized ZeroDDT as "…a great idea that will never fly." We'll see, eh?

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