Monday, March 14, 2011

A brief history of malware

PC Magazine just put together a brief history of malware slide show, from 1971's Creeper all the way to 2010's Stuxnet. They've missed quite a few recent and more sophisticated examples, so I didn't get any new fodder for updating my Perfect Virus Report Card. If you want to know what's coming, my 22 principles for creating The Perfect Virus might be sobering. And they might motivate some country to take extraordinary measures and legitimize cyber privateers. Maybe?

If one of my readers is with such a government, please take a look at (a) my legal justification for cyber privateering and (b) my Cyber Privateer Code, both of which should ease your heartburn a bit and give you a vision of the possibilities. Considering where cyber crime and Cyber War technologies are headed, I can't think of a better solution to those future problems. Can you?

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Implementation suggestions for THE MORGAN DOCTRINE are most welcome. What are the "Got'chas!"? What questions would some future Cyber Privateering Czar have to answer about this in a Senate confirmation hearing?