Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The ultimate cyber privateer smart phone, Part II

The Android is still my pick for the ultimate cyber privateer smart phone, warts and all. The Washington Post report today that Google has pulled some serious malware apps from their supposedly reputable Android Market indicates the power of Android for serious all-around work. You'll quite naturally want to be careful of the applications you grab for your Android. Actually, the discerning cyber privateer will want only one other application besides his cell phone-supplied apps. And I'm not inclined to tell you what that application is, although I expect to be reporting on it in future posts. But it's an application that no how, no way, will ever run on my iPhone. Other than that, the only applications that a serious cyber privateer would ever run on the Android are ones he develops and installs himself. After all, we're talking about the Android as the cyber equivalent of a WMD.

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