Friday, March 25, 2011

IP addresses of Chinese attack servers, Part II

In my November 11, 2010 post on IP addresses of Chinese attack servers, wherein I chaffed mightily at the numerous daily attacks on my little Linux "honey pot" server, I wrote "…nothing happens on the Internet without the tacit approval of Chinese authorities…" Today's Computerworld story supports my assertion. And my little Linux box is still getting hammered daily. Too bad I don't have a get-out-of-jail-free card, as I'd be inclined to substantially discourage anybody future probes of my systems. Imagine (metaphorically speaking, that is) a Chinese hacker sitting down to dinner with his wife and one-and-only-allowed child. The hacker gets this funny look on his face just before shrieking in pain as an alien monster blasts out of his chest cavity (see the original Alien movie for the full metaphor). Okay, so the alien monster pops out of his computer (by the way, killing it in the process).

I had a great time taking my kids to see Alien when it first came out. The four of them along with my wife had their hands over their eyes as Tom Skerritt climbed into the space ship's ventilation ducts. So I said, "You know why you can watch and why he won't die? Because he's the star!" They all go "Oh, yeah!" and open their eyes just as Skerritt turns around to see the chomping teeth coming for him. Bad idea on my part, since the family sat on either side of me. Both of my shoulders were black and blue by the time I got home.

Anyhow China, remember that, "He who lives by the virus…" Uh, see my principle #22 attribute of The Perfect Virus. Heh heh. It's called Defense.

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