Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Infecting an alien architecture, Part V

In my February 2nd post, Infecting an alien architecture, Part IV, I continued my suggestion that Black Box Portability (principle #7 of The Perfect Virus) would become quite important to our cyber defenses as China developed home-grown architectures and operating systems. Today's Computerworld story on China's new Wophone initiative contains a rather telling paragraph (I have added the bold/italic/underline for emphasis):
China Unicom said its Wophone software is Linux-based and entirely developed by itself and partners, including some Chinese government offices, but does not rely on Android.
Linux-based means it's not totally alien architecture. But the trend is consistent with my hypothesis that China is trying to ween itself from Western technology as rapidly as possible. For a lot of reasons, including economic and technology leadership. But there's another skunk on the table, too. We'd better pay attention.

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